Thursday, February 19, 2015

More random thoughts about bartending

After a season spent doing 1-2 shifts a week at both of the bars as well as the coffee house/wine bar, a few more thoughts on this bar scene of which I understand nothing:

-If you ask me to recommend a wine, I'm going to suggest whatever we have with a screw-cap. Corks are stupid; your fancy tradition is my pain in the ass. 

-After having overheard far too many drunk conversations, I'm never trusting any guy who wants to travel solo to Southeast Asia. 

-ARG STUPID FSKING BRAND NEW DOLLAR BILLS I HATE YOU SO MUCH.  You're the reason my drawer was off at the end of the night, you're always getting stuck together and are impossible to quickly count. 

-No, you cannot send a drink to that girl at the end of the bar. She is half your age, a third of your weight, and I'm damn sure has no idea who you are. Hit on someone your own size. 

-Seriously, you see how most of the girls are clustered together in groups? That's to try and avoid guys like you. I'm not doing your dirty work of trying to make introductions (although I will laugh at your resulting rejection). 

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