Saturday, October 25, 2014

10 things I learned after my first night of Bartending

There are two bars here, plus a coffee house/wine bar.  And for some inexplicable reason I found myself as a bartender at one of them (Gallagher's) on Saturday night.

In no particular order, some random thoughts from someone who doesn't drink:

- Why the hell do people tip so much? This stuff isn't hard (yet), and it's not like I'm trying to survive on it. They should be tipping me WAY more for sorting out the reason our Wireless LAN Controller wasn't properly authenticating Active Directory accounts, that was much harder and has a far more impact on your lives than putting whiskey and coke into a plastic cup.  And no one slipped me $5 after I had to moosh up a softball sized wad of poop and used tampons last season at Palmer.

- There's some really weird people here.

- Seriously, what's with guys who sit at the bar, order a beer . . . and then proceed to just sit there for  an hour and stare at the wall while they slowly drink it, never looking at or talking to anyone else?


- People like the little things. Remembering what the guy listening to his iPod had and making him another based off his little wave from across the room got me a $10 tip (Seriously, what the hell? It's only an $8 drink).

- Ohmigawd do your hands dry out fast. After washing and drying them like ten thousand times by halfway through my shift, I would have tipped someone 10bux to bring me some lotion.

- Bars are disgusting places. Everything is sticky despite your best efforts to keep it clean.

- People don't like having to look at each other. The number of requests I got to turn the lights down even lower was bizarre, especially on the dance floor.  You might not want to look at each other, but I've still got to be able to see what I'm doing (unless you want your next Jack and Coke to accidentally be made with Windex).

- People don't like being able to hear each other. I'm bringing earplugs next time, spending a night listening to cranked uncha-uncha music still has my ears ringing.

- Stepping out of the bar at the end of your shift at 1:30am to be greeted by sunlight is seriously weird.


Chris said...

B, they don't call it McWeirdo for nothing! -Chris

Anonymous said...

Hi Brendan;
did you get my letter yet? luv Mum

Unknown said...

I think you need to come up with a legendary drink...especially since you're a non drinker. And with your history of toilet unclogging...hmm...let me think...