Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas at Palmer Station

It's the usual affair; tree, decorations, and a giant meal.

But the greatest present we got wasn't under the tree; it was in the form of a strong north wind, which served to FINALLY blow all the ice far out to sea, hopefully to be long gone. 

It was just in time, too; the first cruise ship of the season was able to send people ashore for the usual tour and meet-and-greet.

As a joke this guy asked us if we had an accordion on station, but because this place is strange like that, we actually do.  So he proceeded to serenade us with some polish polka music, which is about as normal as anything else that happens here.

December 25th, while officially Christmas, wasn't when we celebrated the holiday.  Due to the way the work week is here, and the visit of the cruise ship, the 25th was a normal work day for us.  Our actual celebration was done on the 26th, when we had our feast and the start of a two-day weekend.

And then fell into the sweet, loving arms of diabetes.

(Sorry if I couldn't muster much enthusiasm for this post, I'm not really a fan of Christmas and holidays in general.  Sort of a scrooge, I suppose.  Stop by tomorrow for pictures of cute animals, which I know is what you actually want)

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