Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We're all still here

The ship has gone north, but it's left everyone behind.

Usually our long and slow logistical chain to station is a source of frustration and annoyance, but in the instance of the government shutdown, it seems to have saved most of our bacon.  Congress managed to un-stick itself literally the day before the LMG was supposed to depart station and take most of the support and all of the science with it, and at the last minute we got the order from on high to suspend implementation of Caretaker Status.  Meaning that we'd all get to stay, we kept our jobs and the science will mostly happen as normal (at least in the short term).  People on the other side of the continent weren't so lucky; a fair number of them had already been flown home, and I've got no information or word on what's happening over there currently.

For us there was the minor annoyance of having to un-load from the ship many things that we had just spent a few days loading, but compared to the "minor annoyance" of having no science and no jobs, I think it was a task we were quite happy about.

Although we're technically in spring, seasonally we're still in the grips of winter.  The winds have been out of the south for the last few days and have kept the temperatures in the single digits, only occasionally peaking up into the teens.  The ocean has frozen over again, not quite enough to walk on but enough that the ship had to cut a channel on it's way out.

Life has mostly returned to normal now; the LMG is back in PA and should be on it's normal resupply schedule, the scientists are all here and are doing what science they can with the ocean still frozen.  As for me, I'm back to my usual job; figuring out how to fix things that I didn't previously know how to fix.

Every day is an adventure of new dirty broken things.


Anonymous said...

Man it's so great to hear nobody had to go home!

Hope you are all doing well, I really enjoy reading your blog and checking up on how things are at the bottom of the world.

ILikeItCold said...

A lawnmower ?
Oh, its a vacuum cleaner ...

Katherine said...

I hope this whole saga becomes a movie someday. Now the beakers will just have to make some big breakthrough that cures cancer/fixes global warming, and Hollywood will be breaking down the door to sign for the rights!

Jonny said...

How old is that vacuum?