Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Still iced in

It's unusual for the ocean to still be frozen this late in the season (At least, it's unusual for this day and age.  100 years ago, it would be more common).  A combination of very cold temperatures and winds out of the south have served to keep the entire archipelago frozen solid; not enough to safely walk on, but there's still no boating and limited science happening because of it.  The last week has been particularly bitter; some days not getting above 10F and with some very biting winds blowing snow from the south.  It makes for some amazing sunsets.

But a couple nights ago the weather patterns shifted drastically.  A massive northern storm moved in and brought with it much warmer air, but also a few hours of ridiculous winds.

(Please excuse the volume that got derped into the screenshot)

It hasn't been enough to completely empty the harbors yet, but it's getting close.  Huge fissures are forming in sheets of ice and I think that sometime in the next few days, it's all going to let go and blow out.

As for me, I'm doing what I always do.  Figuring out how to fix things that I previously had no idea how to fix.

Who would have thought a childhood spend taking stuff apart would have given me a clue as how to put them back together?

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