Sunday, October 13, 2013

News from around the internet

Not a real update today, things are mostly the same as they were a couple days ago here, although the weather's gotten worse (gusts over 60mph, freezing rain and sleet, weeeee!).  In case you haven't seen them, here's some articles from other places around the internet about what's going on down here right now, and it's possible long term consequences.

An unprecedented Antarctic disaster, unfolding in darkness - Huffington Post

Why shutting down US Antarctic research will have global repercussions - Wired

Thanks to the Government shutdown, it's about to get real lonely in Antarctica - Slate

Tales from the Shutdown - grad student frozen out of research - -Written about someone who's here right now

Ice white and blue - Contains Offensive Language - Written by a support worker on the other side of the continent.

Lastly, I do apprecaite everyone's comments, e-mails and words of support.  I may not have a chance to respond to everyone, but I absolutly do read every message that I get.

To the numerous readers who've e-mailed me asking if there's anything they can do (besides calling your reps in congress and giving them an earful), check out the Facebook group "Ice friends helping ice friends". You can join it to get more info and post if you have someplace to stay, or even better, a line on some work.  There's a few thousand very highly skilled and dedicated workers who are going to be back on the job market, and any leads you can provide are appreciated.

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