Monday, March 4, 2013


The HMS Protector stopped by again last week, likely their last visit of the season before they head north.  I didn't go out on the ship this time, but they did ferry some of their crew ashore for a tour, and to give them a chance to get off the ship for a bit.  Having many of them here on station gave us a chance to engage in another proud Antarctic tradition; the bartering and exchanging of schwag.

I scored this sweet hat, in exchange for some Palmer Station patches and memorabilia.  Others traded shirts, mugs, pins, anything that's rare or relevant to station life, with the goal of obtaining something that says "Royal Navy" on it.  None of this stuff is available in our little tourists store, or in the ship's store.  These are all things that were either Navy issue, or only available to the crew, or to employees of the USAP; stuff that various station personnel have designed and made privately.  The "Strong like bull, smart like tractor" shirts seemed to be very popular with the Navy guys, and everyone is always eager for patches. 

None of the references in the logos, or the designs will make sense to anyone in the real world, but ice people will know what they mean, and that's all that matters.