Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It's probably been clear enough in the tone of my posts, but I need to express how happy I am to be living here, at this station.  Not just because I run out of adjectives trying to describe how pretty it is, but because of the strange culture and community that this place fosters.  It seems to be the exact right population size for things to be smooth and functional; small enough that people take a very strong sense of pride and ownership in the station, but not so small that people feel put upon.  You can see people's affection all over the place; the tiny touches of graffiti artwork, the detailed carvings and inlays on what would otherwise be a non-descript cabinet. 

Many things that one would think would need to be organized, or delegated, or officiated in some way simply aren't, because people regularly pitch in and get done the things that need to be done.  People walk through the scullery and notice there's a tray of dishes to be put away, and they just do it.  Someone notices the juice machine needs to be refilled, or the milk fridge needs to be restocked, and someone does it.  Some sand needs to be put down on an icy pathway, a paper towel holder needs to be refilled, etc. There's no sign-up list.  It's no one's specific responsibility.  People do it, because it needs to be done and it makes everyone else's life easier.

It's not always perfect, and every so often there are some gentle reminders to the community that we need to pay more attention to an issue, but overall I'm always amazed at the smoothness with which this place operates on the micro-level.
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