Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rec Boating; Ur doin' it wrong

We were foiled by an iced over harbor on our day off today, but that didn't stop us from having a boating adventure.  Fueled by whimsy, boredom, and not insignificant quantities of alcohol, we all gathered in the garage in preparation to set off.

Carolyn had some problems getting her float coat on.
 With everyone aboard, even though Carolyn hadn't figured out which hole her head went through on the float coat, we set off!  Due to the shallowness of the water, we had to paddle our way out of the harbor.

Also it prevented our driver from spilling his beer.
 I quickly took command of our vessel, which everyone was okay with as long as my face didn't have to be in the picture.

It was a fun-filled afternoon!  We saw some whales and penguins:

It may have just been dirty ice.  Or a drill press.  We're not sure.

And I went water-skiing!

But as tends to happen in small populations, things quickly went all Lord-of-the-Flies and our once happy society devolved into battles to the death.

I was absolutly not making lightsaber noises while swinging the oar at my boat-mates.

But before we could finish each other off, mother nature intervened with a MASSIVE wave, which swamped our boat and tossed us overboard.  And then we all died.

Yet still not a drop of beer was spilled.