Wednesday, October 17, 2012

22,595 Cups

Less than a year ago (perhaps 9 months by many estimations), our station took delivery of a new fancy-dancy computer controlled Expresso machine.  This was supposedly an industrial-quality unit; it cost over $2,000 and was intended to be a bullet-proof way for people to feed their coffee addiction.

It broke down on us in six months. And despite all of the maintenance team's best efforts (all two of us), it needs new parts which aren't going to be here for a while.  This left a galley full of caffeine addicts nervously starring at the spot on our kitchen counter that it used to occupy, wondering how long they can subsist on the air pots.

But as we were digging into the machine trying to figure out what was wrong, we noticed something interesting; as this thing was quite fancy, full of lots of blinky lights and LCD readouts, if you went into the maintenance mode it would give you a grand total of how many times the machine had been used.

22,595 times.  This poor little machine, no doubt intended for very small offices or even a household firmly in the more-money-than-brains financial segment, had brewed 22,595 cups of coffee in the six months or so before it gave up the ghost.

And even better, the machine even kept track of exactly what it brewed:

8,192 Double Espressos
5,798 Double Coffees
4,988 Single Coffees
2,814 Single Espressos
3,660 Steams
1,046 Miscellaneous (Hot water, powers, etc)

Not that this station has a coffee addiction problem or anything.