Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Drake Passage on the LMG

The Laurence M Gould, usually just abbreviated to LMG in the Antarctic vocabulary, is the icebreaker that ferries us back and forth from Palmer Station. Palmer is far too small to have an airstrip, and even if our population was big enough to make use of one there's simply no place to build one. So, once a month or so, the LMG departs Chile and makes the ~5 day crossing of the Drake Passage.

I shot this video a few days in to our crossing. All told, this is a VERY mild day in the Drake, we were lucky and while our crossing was a bit rolley, it wasn't rough and we didn't hit any storms. But you can watch below for a quick peak as to what the ship is like inside, and on the outside on a typical Antarctic spring day.