Friday, September 28, 2012

And there it goes

The LMG headed north today, taking most of the winter-over population with it.  As it vanished into the fog, it left only 26 of us still here on station, and until the boat returns on October 18th, we are the only humans for at least a hundred miles in any direction (the nearest other human presence is 13 men at the Ukrainian station of Vernadsky, well to the south of us).

We're enjoying the reduced population for now; due to the number of couples on station, everyone who wants their own room can currently have one, and our small pipe of internet access is relatively snappy.  The science techs are getting the labs ready for the full start of the summer science season; when the next boat docks it will be bringing with it a load of scientists and the population is going to swell to 35.  For now, we're enjoying the peace and quiet, and privacy afforded by the luxury of solo rooms.

(The only bad news is that I've discovered where they're keeping our supply of Haagen-Dazs bars.  This is a very bad thing; I should not being given unlimited access to all the ice cream I can eat)