Friday, September 19, 2008

The ship arrives, to be greated by . . . Legolas?!

The nice thing about not having any dignity, nor the ability to take anything seriously, is that you've got no problems making a complete fool out of yourself in front of the entire station for a laugh.

And if that involves dressing in a Legolas outfit and greeting the ship with shouts of "We seek the ring! The ring of power! Do you have it, the one ring to rule them all?!?!", then . . . well, who am I to turn that down?

More Pictures!

Me, standing there hollering up at some very amused and slightly bewildered people on the ship. I've actually worked with one of the guys coming in before, he was here when I got here. I'm told that our incoming station manager turned to him and said "Who on earth is that?!", to which he replied with a sigh "That . . . would be our carp helper".

Paul was the only one who happened to have his camera out for this, he was on the balcony outside the kitchen with most everyone else, falling over themselves laughing. After I was done running around outside, I went up there for some hero shots :)

Don't ask where I got a bizarrely detailed Legolas outfit; I'll go over that in a future post.

The LMG docked yesterday, bringing with it most of the summer crew, and will be taking the majority of our winter crew away on Tuesday when it leaves. I, of course, am staying for another five months, but the majority of our personnel are being replaced by people that came in on this ship. Some people are staying only until the October boat, and while the station population isn't rising by that much, we are loosing some couples, so we might need to have room mates again. Not sure yet, but we'll see.

And I did get my silver trunk stuff, thanks to those who sent stuff! I already <3 my 20mm Sigma lens, and am still really pmad at this broken Tamron. I still need to write some e-mails or make some phone calls to see what can be done about this.

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wiinterrr said...

You make a simply stunning Legolas... and this comes from who? lol