Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cut-off date approching for packages

So, I know everyone back in the states misses me terribly and desperately wants to send me old-fashion letters and packages and things. So if any of you want me to have something for the summer, you best be getting it sent soon, as there's only one more ship before the summer, getting here in mid-October. After that ship, there's not another boat until January.

We actually do have a ship arriving in a couple weeks, but there's no way to get anything on that ship.

Larger packages, up to around 30lbs, can be sent through the NSF cargo network. THE CLOSING DATE FOR THESE IS SEPTEMBER 20TH. So if you had something you wanted to send down, it needs to get to the NSF BY the 20th. And probably a couple days sooner. Basically? You'd need to get something sent like now. If you had something like this that you wanted to send, it would go to an address in California.

If you're using UPS, Fed-Ex, or DHL, send it to:

NSF Contractor Representative
Building 471 North End
Port Hueneme, CA

If you're using the postal service, send it to:

NSF Contractor Representative
P.O. Box 338
Port Hueneme, CA