Friday, August 8, 2008

So, just after I got here, I made up some small care package full of silly little trinkets and kitchy postcards and stickers and other silly little tourist stuff that they have at the store down here, and sent them off on the ship that brought me in.

This was back in May.

Northbound mail is put into a big silver trunk, and is hand-carried north to PA. From there, that silver trunk is shipped via DHL to Denver, where the packages are taken out of the trunk and put into the USPS system. At least, this is the way it's SUPPOSED to happen, this is supposed to take no more then a few weeks.

Obviously, this one took a little bit longer. From what I've been able to gather talking to logistics, the Silver Trunk's path was something like this:

1: Left the station on the LMG near the later half of May. Got to PA five days later.
2: Someone forgot to give it to DHL, so it sat in PA for a month.
3: Someone got sick of tripping over it, or something, and decided to send it north as a hand-carry (Someone who's going north brings it as a piece of their luggage). It gets to Santiago, then to Miami
4: For reasons that NO ONE can figure out, it was sent BACK to Santiago once it got to Miami. It then sat in Santiago for three weeks.
5: It was finally put into the DHL system, but they sent it surface, so it took another three weeks for it to get to Denver
6: It got to Denver, and was finally unloaded, and the packages were put into the USPS system.

So, it was all supposed to be a lot faster then that. But hey! You got antarctic schwag.

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