Monday, July 21, 2008

I know I haven't been very good recently about giving posts with much real substance. And while some of it is lack of time, a lot of it is that I'm simply overwhelmed when trying to talk about everything that's here. I could EASILY do a post a day about some aspect of the station, or of life here, or just the strange things that we take for granted (like how quickly you adapt to cleaning you dishes with a toilet brush).

I mean, I never even got around to doing the posts about the big events here, the weird parties we have had and such. I mean, there's the smaller ones, like when we celebrated Sinko Di Mayo, and the larger, more official celebrations, such as the solstice. This winter has been pretty active, I'm told, there's a lot of science going on here this winter, which is rare.

We actually just got another couple groups of beakers on station, so we're back up to 36 people, and the people who don't have much ice time (like me) have to have room mates again. I moved back in with my previous room mate, because at least we already know that we work well together. And this time we got a room in GWR instead of Bio, which is a bit more convenient.

That's also sort of why I haven't been posting many pictures, even though I PROMISE that I've been taking a lot. It's just that the task of sorting through them, picking the good ones, tweaking them if they need it, then uploading and integrating them into a post, it . . . well it all gets really time consuming.

And while it's not like I'm SHORT on time, it does go by pretty quickly. Work starts at 7:30am every day, and goes until 5:30, Saturdays included. And if there's a catastrophe of some sort, or if the boat is coming in at a funny hour, you can bet you'll be working past those hours. Like this most recent weekend when the drain pipes under the aquarium building decided to freeze, and burst. You can bet that I was the one crawling around under that building for 11 hours that day getting that shit fixed (to be fair, most of the FEMC crew was there with me, and the plumber that got here the day before everything broke really had his trial by fire).

But by the time 5:30 rolls around, all you want to do is eat dinner and sit still for a while. So I'll generally eat quickly, then head up to the lounge and bar, hang out with people for a while, and then head to the gym around 8pm. By the time I'm done working out, and showering and things, it's getting late and I'm tired. Even writing this post took a bit of effort, and my eyelids are closing.

I will be trying to write more in the future. I owe a bunch of people e-mails, I know. I can promise a deluge of penguin pictures in the next couple of days, though.

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