Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You got:: A chunk of ice!

You can set it to + and use it with B!

(this all makes sense as long as you look at it and listen to this)

We generally use chunks of glacier ice that we pull out of the ocean for making drinks and things in the bar. On the deck outside the bar doors, we have a big tray with a couple hammers and ice picks, and whenever you want some ice for your drink or whatever, you go out and break off a few chunks.

Sea ice, of course, is salty, and generally cloudy or white, as it's just formed from frozen seawater. but the ice that falls off the glacier into the ocean is fresh, quite literally thousands of years old, and has been under many tons of pressure for that whole time. Which makes it perfectly clear, because there's no air bubbles or cracks in it, and also makes it last a lot longer in a drink. Or at least that's what they say. Really, I think people just like mixing drinks with thousand-year-old ice.

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