Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why we're here

As I've spent a a month or so here getting to know people, hearing about how they ended up down here, I'm struck by how similar many of the stories are. Many of us have roughly the same history; Had a really well-paying job, nice house/condo/apartment, nice cars/bikes, very comfortable life. Good careers, with good job openings in the future and long-term stability,

Then we decided that it all sucked, sold all our possessions, and moved to Antarctica.

Our power plant/ATV/heavy equipment/everything mechanic was previously a field mechanic for Caterpillar, specializing in power generation. Just for the record, those guys make BANK. He was working on, fixing and installing huge generators, some in the 2.5 Megawatt range, all over southern California. He was making a lot of money, living a very cush life in San Fran, had a nice truck and a track racing car, the works. Then he realized that a life with that much stuff sucked. So he got rid of all of it, and moved to the South Pole. Now he's here.

Our electrician had a job at a hospital. For an electrician, it's a cush as hell job. Pay and benifits were great, and working in a hospital, he got to work on and mess with a lot of very high-end and specialty equipment that's way more interesting then what most residential electricians will ever touch. He's a biker, had a couple of nice dual-sport bikes that he does long road trips on, living in a really nice house way up in the mountains of Vermont, living on 75 acres of heavy woodland. A truck, two bikes, big dog, etc etc etc. And then he realized that a life with all that stuff sucked. And moved down here.

They say that the first time you come to Antarctica, it's for the experience.

The second time, it's for the money.

And the third time, it's because you don't belong anywhere else.

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