Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is a time-lapse video taken a couple days ago after the Gould got back to Palmer after a short fishing trip, of it just coming in, tying up and offloading some crates of fish. It was put together by a guy here whom everyone just calls Waslo, for complicated reasons.

I am in the video, briefly. Just after the middle of the video, when one of the Skytracks picks up the Zodiac that's on the ground and puts it into the water, there's one guy in an orange suit helping to guide the boat with a rope, and I'm the one in the bright orange suit standing there watching, then sitting on the snow next to the water for a while while the divers get ready, and then leaving on the zodiac boat.

The credits are basically a huge line of inside jokes about Palmer Station and the people here. They called me what they call me because I sign up for dive tending at every single chance I get, and in the couple of months I've been here, I've been out dive tending more then anyone else.

Personally, I think the video would have been better with "Yakety Sax" (Benny Hill music), but the guy who made the video vetoed that idea.

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