Friday, June 20, 2008

This is one strange place . . .

Suit 2, originally uploaded by tsaven.

Apparently, I now own a suit.

I'm not sure exactly how, or why, but the network engineer who just left had brought a suit down with him that he'd had made for himself in the 80s. He's been in the USAP for like ten years, and had left this suit here over the years, and finally realized that he no longer fit into it.

By some absurd, freakish chance, it fits me perfectly.

My ex-GF back stateside looked at this photo and said that I look too rigid and uptight in it. My response is "Well, duh, it's a suit, you're supposed to be uptight and stiff and formal!"

Click the photo to go to my flickr page for a couple more pictures of me looking like a snotty British banker.

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