Friday, May 23, 2008

Uh, what?

Uh, what?, originally uploaded by tsaven.

I'm not actually sure what's in this barrel, and from what I've been able to gather talking to people around station, no one is really sure what's inside it, where it came from, or how long it's been here.

And actually chipping away all the ice and opening it would just destroy the fun of it all, now wouldn't it?

So we leave it there.

The people here have a very strong sense of nostalgia for the station. A good number of years ago, some new station manager went around and took down all the old announcement and sign-out chalkboards and replaced with with nice, new, modern white boards. The day he left, everyone took down the white boards and put the old chalkboards back up, where they still are today.

And two years ago, the company offered to put in a satellite TV dish, giving us free Direct TV. The whole station voted unanimously against it.

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tsavensmom said...

Back when I was in college, in the dark ages, things with that sorta mainings were RADIOACTIVE! :-)