Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Travel timeline

Okay, so just FYI, here's what the travel week will look like for me:

-10:45am Tuesday, April 22nd - Fly out of O'Hare

-Get into Denver, CO, and get picked up at the airport and go to the Raytheon Polar Services Corporation (RPSC) headquarters, where they'll set me up with travel funds and things. Free hotel for the night

-April 23rd - Spend the day filling out paperwork and going through various corperate initiation in Denver, including the mandatory Psychiatric Evaluation to make sure I'm not going to go all Jack-Nicholsen-in-The-Shineing on people

-April 24th - Fly out of Denver at 3:45pm. Get into Dallas at 6:20pm for a three-hour stopover, and fly out of Dallas at 9:30pm for an over-night flight to Santiago

-April 25th - Get into Santiago, Chile, at 8am. A Raytheon guy meets me there and walks me through Customs, then I get on a 10am flight for Punta Arenas, getting in at 2:15pm. Again, greeted by a Raytheon person, who takes me to the docks where I meet people, and we all go out for dinner.

-April 26th - Spend the day in Punta Arenas, getting all my Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) gear issued to me. Spend the night on the USS Gould, the icebreaker that takes me down.

-April 27th - Ship departs at 8am, and then it'll be four days on a flat-bottomed ship through some of the roughest seas in the world. I should get into Palmer Station by the 1st or 2nd of May, but probably won't have time to actually get on these tubes until after I've been there a couple days and gotten situated.

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