Friday, April 25, 2008


So I'm delayed a bit in Santiago, but I'm not sure sure for how long. I guess there was an airline screwup and a couple of guys reservations didn't get booked for the flight down to PA. I think they're going to put us on a later flight, but no word on how much later. Weirdly, there seem to be a ton of free hotspots at the airport here. I'm typing this all on my iPod, given that these are open, unsecured networks, and who knows who's out there sniffing packets and trying to do drive-by installs.

The nine-hour flight down from Dallas was bumpy, but pretty sweet. I had three seats to myself, and a power outlet under my seat. Spent most of the flight watching Dr Who.

No idea how long I'll be here. We're all sitting in the Raytheon guys office, can't really go a anywhere as we're waiting on word from the airlines or something. I'll try to update when I can.

Only now is the strangeness of this whole trip rreally starting to sink in.

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