Saturday, April 26, 2008

Huh, weird. Still have tubes.

You know, I didn't think I'd really have this much internet access down here. It's surprisingly connected. But the Santiago airport had a plethora of free wi-fi, the hotel here had free wi-fi, and the Raytheon terminal here at the port has computers for use as well (which is where I am now). And just about every single little shop and store and wherever has free wi-fi, just wandering down the street, my ipod is constantly chirping with new networks found. In some ways, it shows just how relatively un-wired the USA actually is, for all of our first-world status.

But in a way I'm almost a little disappointed. Staying connected to my tubes makes this whole thing feel like a bit less of an . . . I dunno. Less remote and less strange. It stays as my connection to reality. And in all actuality, I was sort of looking forward to being cut off.

The ship will have no internet, that's for sure. I'm going aboard in about ten minutes or so, for a tour and safety thing and whatever. I know we leave tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure what goes on until then.

Sorry about the spamming of posts in the last couple days, but I keep thinking I'm finally out of contact, and then discovering "Oh, wait, no, I've got a signal here"

So this might be my last post for a week, but probably not. No more pics yet, as my camera is in my luggage. I really should have brought a point and shoot.

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